Gaston Rodriguez


A veteran player and teacher with a formerly impressive four goal rating, Argentina’s Gaston Rodriguez is a respected member of the polo community.

He is also a well-respected teacher of the sport and innovator behind the development of polo programs throughout the world that cater to novices as well as seasoned professionals. In addition, Gaston has been a beloved fixture in the Vero Beach area.

Gaston grew up in Argentina near Hurlingham, possibly the most renowned polo club in the world, where he learned the game from his father and some of the best polo players. In 1993, when he was 15, Gaston started to accompany his father, professional polo player Remigio Rodriguez, to the U.S. for the Florida season. The annual visits provided opportunities for Gaston to establish himself as a good horseman and aspiring player, complete with great work ethic. In about 2003, the annual visit became a permanent move.