Membership Information



Join the team at the Vero Beach Polo Club !


1. Full Membership:   $6,500


Includes two (2) practices per week (weather permitting) and six (6) opportunities to play in Sunday matches.


2. Additional Family Member:   $3,000


Includes all full membership benefits.

3. Pro Fee:    $2,000


Includes all practices and Sunday matches as needed.


4. Beginner Membership:   $1,000


Includes stick and ball during practice or lessons and pre-game Sunday if appropriate.


5. Under 18 Membership:   $1,500


Includes two (2) practices per week (weather permitting) and Sunday matches if appropriate as needed.


6. Guest Match Game Fee:          $500

    Guest Match Game Pro Fee:   $300

    Guest Practice Chukkas:           $30


Tournament Fees


                                                                               Member                         Non Member

7. Four Goal Tournament Entry Fee:                $1000                              $1,500

    Six Goal Tournament Entry Fee:                   $1,500                             $2,000

    Pro Fee Tournament Chukkas Per Player:   $150                                $150


Please Note:

1.) Guest fees are only applicable for 2 matches and 2 practices, then an appropriate membership is required.

2.) Membership payments are due November 15th.

3.) Practices to begin December 8th.

4.) Full membership will have priority for match games over professional and under 18 members.

5.) Make all checks payable to:

Vero Beach Professional Polo, P.O. Box 843, Vero Beach, FL 32961