The VBPC 2020 Code of Conduct

Main Field Hours*: Must be scheduled through Gaston Rodriguez or Tiffany Busch.

Please see 'Practice Field / Use and Restrictions' below.

Practice field parking will be on the Sunday field except for Tiffany, Gaston and Max.

*Weather and field maintenance permitting.

Fields CLOSED: Monday and Thursday all day.


Check the Vero Beach Polo Club website before arriving for field updates and closures.



• To be included in practices, games, or any club activity, ponies must be properly fed, in presentable condition, cared for and exercised for fitness.

• No excess use of the whip or aggression towards ponies will be tolerated on the field, trailers, or the pony lines.



• Membership dues or practice fees must be paid before riding on the field.

• Absolutely NO cars or driving allowed on the field.

• Parking for games and practice is on the east side corner closest to the gate.

• Do not block roadways, entrances, or exits at any time.

• Do not turn around in private driveways.

• No mock practices/matches are to be held on the main field.

• No schooling on the main field.

• Please pick up all trash, no trash is to be left on the field at any time (tail tape, water bottles, bags, wrappers, etc.).

• Do not clean out trailers at the field.

• Dogs must be leashed and kept at trailer.

• Children are to not be left unattended at any time.

• You must sign up prior to 4:00pm the night before to participate in practice chukkas.

• Any physical damage caused by negligence of a member or members to goal posts, boards, turf, or surrounding property will be charged to the offending member or members and field usage (practices and games) will be suspended to that member until the charge is paid.



• Waiver of liability must be signed for both the practice field and Sunday field, by any person intending to ride a horse (grooms included) prior to mounting.

• Helmets must be worn by everyone — including grooms and professionals — at all times when mounted — no exceptions!

• Protective gear and clothing are to be used at all practices and games (boots, knee guards, helmets).

• Lack of sportsmanship will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: profanity, arguing, rough or dangerous plays, refusal to play, and disrespectful conduct of any kind towards players, officials, spectators, or grooms.

• Membership rights may be restricted or terminated if a player is found in violation of any of the above.

• Intimidation tactics shall not be used by any player.

• Members are to be on time to games and practices, or have a substitute to replace them. All events will begin promptly at the scheduled times.

• To participate in a USPA sanctioned tournament, players must have an active USPA membership.

• Under 18 members must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when on Vero Beach Polo Club property. If guardianship is to be appointed to an over 18 player or professional, a written statement must be submitted to the club and signed by the parent or legal guardian.

• All players under 18, in addition to a helmet must have a face guard attached to a helmet or protective goggles when mounted on club property.


Any concerns or questions should be directed towards the Vero Beach Polo Club management staff and they will be addressed accordingly.