Tiffany Busch


A 16-year veteran of the game, Vero Beach native Tiffany Busch was introduced to polo through her father Peter Busch of Anheuser-Busch fame and has since grown to become an icon in women’s polo today.

“I was ‘born’ in a saddle and started playing competitively when I was 17”. While playing on her father’s team, Michelob Ultra, Tiffany rose  to the top of the women’s rankings with fierce determination and natural talent.  

Supported by an ever-growing string of horses, she brings her unique style and competitive spirit to the field in every game she plays. Her dedication and professionalism is an inspiration to young girls especially.

A highlight of her playing career was securing the overtime win in the 2012 Women’s US Open in Houston, Texas and being named MVP of the tournament. This win lead to her being featured on the cover of Polo Magazine’s January 2013.