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Looking through the website and facebook postings reminds us all of what a wonderful season 2020 was. Attendance was at a record high, the quality of the polo was more competitive than ever while remaining fun, the staff was just so good and our charitable contributions exceeded all expectations.

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Gaston and Tiffany

Congrats Tiffany!

Tiffany Busch and the Texas Women's Open

The prestigious Texas Women’s Open brings together some of the best high-goal women’s players in the country for a competitive series of games.

Once again Tiffany Busch played a major role in this exciting tournament that saw her Polo Gear Coffee Company's team take it to the finals. Tiffany was responsible for taking all of the teams penalties, Dawn Jones had this to say, "There are not many women who can consistently, successfully execute these so we are thrilled to be able to highlight one of the best and an inspiration to all women players."

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For more information contact Frank Evans at 772-321-3082 or email us at: theverobeachpoloclub@gmail.com

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