Spectators Guide


Historically spectators used polo events to express themselves fashionably, in contemporary polo spectating however dress often depends on the type of polo you are attending, whether it be a casual tailgate, practice or ticketed Sunday polo. Generally casual clothes are acceptable. At the Vero Beach Polo Club matches you can drive up on the side of the field and tailgate with friends and family for a fun afternoon. Wedges are preferred over heels as a slim heel will get stuck in the grass if you participate in the divot stomp.
  • Remember to always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Sometimes a flying ball can find itself out of bounds and headed in the direction of spectators.
  • Stay behind the designated line often visible on the outside of the sideboards because this is the true boundary. The playing field extends beyond the sideboards several feet and horses will jump over the boards so stay clear and make sure children are always supervised.
  • Tune into the announcer’s commentary, for real-time explanation of penalties and elements of the game to familiarize yourself while watching.

What to Pack

Here is a list of some of our favorite tailgating items, to include food and drinks. You’re going to be on the field for a few hours so be sure to be prepared. Bringing binoculars will help you get a close-up view of the action.

canopy or shade umbrella
camping/beach chairs
cooler with water/beer
paper plates/plastic utensils/paper towels
an assortment of cheese and crackers
potato or mac salad
chips & salsa
cut-up fruit & veggies
cookies or brownies

Check the game day schedule for Food Truck and Beverages available on match day. We make it easier by providing food and drinks for purchase!