Learn to Play



What other competitive team sport requires you to hit a ball, maneuver your way through a cluster of thundering hooves, all while riding full-out on the back of a powerful horse?

In the game of polo, people and their equine partners come together to play an exhilarating game, showcasing the incredible athleticism and coordination necessary of both horse and rider.

If you have ever watched polo, you may find the idea of learning to play daunting. On the contrary, polo can be enjoyed by everyone, both men and women of any age. With the help of Certified Polo Instructors at the Vero Beach Polo Club, people from all walks of life are able to pick up a mallet and participate in one of the oldest team sports still thriving today.



Tiffany Busch and Gaston Rodriguez believe that, first and foremost, polo is fun. They utilize an easygoing yet progressive style of teaching that works well with people of all ages.

Private and group lessons are available for all ages and are $200/lesson. For more information about polo lessons and clinics, contact Frank Evans at 772-321-3082.