Tiffany Busch playing for Polo Gear at the Texas Women's Open

VBPC  pro Tiffany Busch is off playing for Polo Gear in the Texas Women's Open.

They've won their first game 5-3 over Plank Co. and will be playing again on Thursday.  We'll keep you posted.

Over 75 players from the United States and across the globe will descend on Houston for one of the most prestigious women's tournaments in the United States. This will be the twenty-fifth consecutive year that the Houston Polo Club has hosted a prominent women's tournament.

The Texas Women's Open, a 16- to 20-goal tournament from November 10-17 will feature six teams who will battle for the trophy, including BTA, Land Rover, LM Ranch, Rocking P, Plank Companies and Polo Gear.



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